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Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology services are all holistic, focusing on the physiological as well as mental, emotional, and lifestyle factors that may contribute to your challenges. Therapy activities will all be highly related to real life activities and situations. Every person’s story is unique. Contact me to find out more about how holistic speech pathology can help you meet your goals.

Brain injury, Stroke, and Go-go-gadget Brain Power

Brain Power Coaching (Cognitive Rehabilitation): Challenges in any of the domains of cognition including: attention, memory, working memory, problem solving, executive function skills, or organization can impact independence and successful participation in work and community. These challenges could be due to a brain injury, aging, or normally distributed aptitudes and weaknesses. Coaching starts with a thorough evaluation including interview to identify cognitive strengths and challenges that are affecting your everyday life.

Aphasia: Aphasia is a loss of language, not a loss of intelligence. This philosophy along with the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia creates the foundation for our aphasia treatment. Individuals with aphasia will participate creative and functional activities in therapy sessions and both structured and unstructured home practice.

Dysarthria: Clarity of speech is key to being understood. Dysarthria treatment includes exercises, practice, and carryover activities to practice in a variety of speaking situations.

Organic or functional voice disorders

Voice Therapy: Maximize your voice health. Many people feel that they are stuck with the voice they’ve got. Voice therapy may be appropriate if you lose your voice over the course of the day, or are not satisfied with the quality of your voice. We will use a holistic approach and address both lifestyle and vocal technique issues that may be contributing to your voice problem. Concurrent otolaryngologist evaluation strongly recommended.

Identity and presentation

Transgender Voice Coaching: Take a holistic approach to your vocal transition. Gender presentation is about much more than vocal pitch. Some people in transition can damage their voice if they use ineffective techniques to change the sound of their voice. Education is our primary goal, so you may achieve your most healthy and personalized voice.

Speech Coaching: Your speech does the talking every time you make a first impression. Polish your fluency, articulation, and diction with guided practice.

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"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

-Mark Twain